My PC Quick Reference is a collection of instructions, notes, articles, software, and tips for the PC. Much of the information is geared toward the techy inside each of us but still written so the non-techy can follow. Step-by-step instructions are included for creating bootable CDs, running QEMU, and other techy stuff.

  • Bootable CD provides instructions for creating a windows bootable CD for your PC. This CD can be used to fixed issues with your PC.
  • Linux pages covers my experience with Linux distros and using QEMU.
  • Window pages identify free software that add new capabilities along with making your PC more secure on the internet.
  • Internet pages covers web page editors, browsers, and wiki host applications. 
  • Web Hosting provides information about the free web host 110MB and WAMP packages for running a local website form your PC.
  • SQL Server covers variety of free publications that would benefit any SQL Server DBA or Developer.
  • PC Games contains web pages on PC Games. 
  • Other Sites are links to other web sites

This reference guide will continue to grow as I find more useful stuff for the PC to add. By documenting them in this guide, I am making them easily accessible to everyone on the Internet.


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Last Updated: 2011-03-16